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by R.K. Eden

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When her colleague dies under mysterious circumstances while visiting the Lake District, reporter Rachel Coller sets off for the famous mountain range to find out why. Lakeview Manor sits at the centre of her investigation. The neglected ruin keeps the secrets of those who don’t want a reporter asking questions.

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From The Secrets of Lakeview Manor...

   “That must be a hefty upkeep,” Rachel mused. She dumped the papers on her bed, switched out the light, and slumped back into the pillows. Warm street light fell through the bedroom windows and long shadows fell across her bed. She closed her eyes against a growing headache. The darkness usually helped that sort of thing. Darkness. She opened her eyes, checked her clock – five after eight. It was dark out. She sat up, reached for her case and took out a copy of the police report. The call reporting the incident came in at eight minutes past nine. Chloe was pronounced dead at the scene. Estimated time of death was unknown due to severe cold conditions, but not longer than four hours before the body was discovered. What if Chloe had lay there for about two hours? She must have fell around six or seven p.m. It’s dark by then. Who would go sight-seeing in the dark?
   What if Chloe was murdered?

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