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How Sabotage Affects Your Life
by Sierra Roberts


This book features stories of people who have overcome sabotage behavior with the help of author and life coach Sierra Roberts. Learn about sabotage issues such as addiction, procrastination, money-worrying and people-pleasing. Gain valuable insight into how to free yourself from self-sabotage.

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From Self-Sabotage...

   I mentioned that it is virtually impossible to change sabotage behavior alone. You probably wonder why this is the case. Surely an intelligent person can sort out their own problems? Why do they need to pay someone to help them achieve a balanced life?
   The reason you need help to overcome sabotage behavior is because it gets so firmly entrenched in your life that it becomes your life. And because you are the problem, you cannot also be the solution.
   An objective person, like a life coach, helps you step outside the sabotage cycle so you can see it clearly. This step is vital in the ‘recovery’ process.
   The sabotage cycle is easier to understand when you consider how long it takes to develop, and how subtle the effects are (to start with).

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