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by Richard Madison


Lt. Jack Highland and his men battle to protect the Nazi Bell and keep it from the hands of the Soviet Empire, while the new KGB employs every sinister trick to tip the scales. 

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When… do you know when, Phil?” The Captain did not look up from his forms. “This afternoon. You leave at fifteen hundred hours.”

Jack couldn’t believe it. His mind was racing with thoughts of the green fields of his family farm. Holy shit, they had survived the bombing of Germany. “Oh no, what about Peg!” He was amazed at the irony. All this time he would have sacrificed a limb to get back home, now when he finally found someone dear to him, these bastards force him out of England.

O’Reilly looked up, noticed the pained look on Jack’s face and smiled. “Can’t believe it, Lieutenant? I know, you guys have caught hell out there. You deserve this one. Congratulations.”

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