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The Restless - Book 1
by Will Molinar

~ Available in Paperback ~

The infamous fallen general of a shattered kingdom, Marcus Ravenholt now rules a land of despair. A new force with a dark secret has arisen to threaten him, drawing their recruits from the common people of the land to do battle with the vampire's inexhaustible legions. But are the men working for good or are they making things worse by inciting the ire of the greatest warrior the land has ever known?

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From Shadows in the Dust...

   To Barrobos, the smell was the most noticeable thing. It was a pungent, wet smell, old and rotten.  Dried blood, tangy and full of a metallic tint, wafted through the air from the shaggy beasts arrayed in a semi-circle around him and his men. They had been as silent as shadows.
   The men stood with weapons drawn. Barrobos cursed his own incompetence, certain he had missed some subtle sign of their approach. He should have been more careful. How foolish of them to think they could transverse these lands without notice. The vampire Ravenholt had dwelled here for countless years. He was part of the land, part of its decrepit nature. He could feel anything that did not belong as a man feels a sword point in his stomach. Barrobos had thought he knew better.
   Done berating himself after only a flash of thought, the regiment commander fell into a fighting crouch, shutting off any negative emotions that might interfere with his actions. Now was not the time for contemplations or self affliction. Barrobos knew there was never any need to be hard on oneself. The world always did a pretty thorough job of inflicting pain on its own.

Book 2 - Ashes in the Grave

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