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by Mary Lukes Stamoulis



The year is 1939, and Amalia’s quest for inner peace soon becomes a struggle for survival as Greece is engulfed in World War II.  Amalia’s story becomes entwined with  intelligence agents and the guerilla “shadow warriors” – the Greeks, British and Anzacs who hid in mountain caves, descending at night to wreak havoc on the Nazis who occupied Crete for four years.

From Shadow War in Crete...

   "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Mrs. Schmidt, but the baby… did not survive. He was a boy, stillborn. I had another delivery at the same time, a Cesarean section, so your husband delivered him. Of course he's well qualified and wanted to do it. My nurse Gerta assisted him."
   Amelia felt as if she'd been embalmed. She stared at the doctor, corpse-like.
   "Are you all right, Mrs. Schmidt? Speak to me." The doctor patted her face.
   Amelia's color slowly reappeared on her face, changing from white, to pink, to bright red. "You're wrong." She shouted. "No, Doctor Cook. There's been some mistake. I felt him kicking in here." She punched her stomach.
   "Mrs. Schmidt, try to calm yourself…there's been no mistake. There wasn't anything anyone could do. Johann is scrubbing. He'll be here in a minute. He'll tell you. Don't take it so hard. You're fine, and you can have another."

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