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Book 1
by D.B. Woodling

 ~ Available in Paperback ~


Comanche Indians, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and mountain lions might  scatter when confronted with a  plainswoman’s Sharps carbine, but to a psychotic banker with a decade-old vendetta it’s just business as usual.




From Shannon's Land...

   Shannon looked over her shoulder and saw Luke Richards for the first time. Words didn’t come easy. Never in all her days had she seen a man so pleasing to the eye. He was tall – she guessed nearly six-foot-two – lean, but in a manner suggesting hard work as opposed to drinking his breakfast and supper. His hair was thick and dark but laced with ribbons of chestnut from too much time spent under a blazing sun and a little long for her liking. His gray eyes gleamed, but she sensed both warmth and distrust in them, eyes that had witnessed more bad than good.
   Luke heard his associate’s whistle and his eyes suddenly riveted on the saloon. When he faced Shannon again, his expression abruptly changed. “Might serve you well to get that baby back in that shop you came from. Trouble’s brewin’.” 

Book 2 - Shannon's Revenge

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