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Book 2
by D.B. Woodling


George Armstrong Custer believes the only good Indian is a dead one. The only thing he detests more than a Sioux warrior is a deserter. When his conviction affects someone Shannon loves, Custer’s planned slaughter of those he labels ‘savages’ is nothing compared to the revenge she
has in store.

From Shannon's Revenge...

“Where’s your husband, Misses Richards?”

Shannon whirled around, as surprised by the blunt inquest as she was the demanding tone. “That’s none of your concern! I’d like you to leave." Her baby's lower lip quivered as her eyes flew to the fireplace and the poker. “I won’t ask again.”

Atticus’s fingers drummed the table. “Misses Reeds seems to think your husband plans to engage the cavalry.” He heard her swallow, and he had all the confirmation he needed.

Shannon curtained her eyes quickly and fought to keep her words measured. “Kate Reeds probably thinks there’s gold to be found in a piss pot. I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock in her illusions!”

The Texas Ranger stood, popped his hat on, and shaded deceptive eyes. “I should have surmised as much. An intelligent, beautiful woman such as yourself would hardly settle for an imbecile... and a traitor at that.”

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