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by Sharon Kull



Half white, half Apache, life had not been easy for a girl of seventeen  summers in the tribe of Little Squirrel.  Raped by outlaws, when her babe is born, She Who Flies With Doves, along with her daughter and her own mother, are cast out to fend for themselves.

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From She Who Flies With Doves...

   The land was a mixture of flatness, rolling gentle slopes, mountain ranges, gullies and arroyos. Brush and thorny branches of acrid trees whipped at the women as they passed, many varieties of cactus snagged in their hide skirts. Knee-high Apache moccasins protected their legs.
   It was fortunate that they happened on a trunk among discards from settlers heading west. The clothing it contained was well worn, but the women were grateful for the garments. Not so with button up shoes, but they put them on their feet anyway. Combs were also found, so they raked their long hair, and tied a tiny green ribbon in the babe's fine red down. The cradleboard had to be left behind, moccasins were hidden in the single bundle of cloths for the babe. The more the travelers looked like white folks, the better.

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