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by bf oswald

 ~ Available in Paperback ~

This collection of short pieces for the lover of good fiction by this talented author will prompt both laughter and tears. Some tell of lives in travail, others of people who have successfully  overcome problems, and some are just fun to read for their own sake.

From Short Stories by a Short Author...


The first cop on the scene hammered on his window, which Fred obligingly rolled down. “What’s the problem, officer?” he asked naively.
   “Riot at the corner of Chestnut and Market,” said the officer in a less than accommodating manner.
   “I don’t think it could be called a riot,” Fred volunteered, eager to clear up the confusion. “There was just a bunch of people grabbing at money that was coming out of the sky.”
   The cop gave his partner, who was now standing beside him, a `this guy has slipped his moorings’ look. “What money?” he inquired of Fred.
   “Just money,” Fred replied as if he were talking about very ordinary things like dry leaves and raindrops that normally fell out of the sky. “See?” He pointed to the soggy bills on the seat beside him. “Get outa the car,” the officer demanded gruffly.
   hy, thought Fred? But in as much as he was used to doing what he was told, he complied. Not, however, until he had carefully picked up the money

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