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by Chuck Kelly

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Private Detective Charles "Curly" Morgan is used to dealing with  intrique. But when the mystery begins to involve his personal life, he's left to ponder whether one can ever truly leave the past behind or if the present will haunt him forever.

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From Silent Obsession...

   I was getting more spooked by the minute. I noticed a thin-faced man standing nearby; his dark, hollow eyes on my new shoes. His soiled clothing hung loosely on his undernourished body. I found a dry spot and sat down near the darkest corner of the large room and ignored him.
   That's when he made his move.
   He ran and slid at me feet first, threw one leg over both of mine and began untying my shoes! His dark eyes concentrated on what he was doing. His mouth dripped thick saliva and his long dirty fingers moved quickly, desperate for the prize. The sour odor from his body was almost unbearable.
   "You dumb son of a b__!" I yelled. I yanked my other foot free and shoved it into his back to push him away.
   It didn't phase him.

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