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Hawkman - Book 3
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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In the third book of the Hawkman series, Hawkman gets involved in the case of Richard, a 17 year-old deaf boy who is suspected of murdering his mother and their dog.

From The Silent Scream...

   He jumped off the bike and glanced up at the roof of the house. No smoke curled out of the pipe vent connected to the wood burning stove. That worried him.
   Quickly pushing the bike into the barn, he dusted off his jeans and hurried toward the back door. Sniffing the air, he thought it odd that he couldn't smell any food cooking. Mom always had something going on the stove that made his mouth water.
   His dog Ruffy hadn't run to greet him either. As he raced up the rickety wooden steps, he glanced quickly under the raised back porch for his large Golden Retriever, but didn't see him. Giving his seat one more dusting, he opened the squeaky screen.

Book 4 - Dirty Diamonds





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