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The Silver Scepter
Book 2
by Armen Pogharian


Penny and her friends, with the help of a paranormal investigator, race to unravel the secrets of a prehistoric artifact and prevent the elf-like Coch Coblyn from using it to return to power.

From Misaligned: The Silver Scepter...

   Penny smiled at Simon and turned her attention to the strands. Just as before, the strands from the past were colored yellow, while those of the present were blue. She carefully sorted them, keeping the past in her left hand and the present in her right. For such a small fold, there were a lot more yellow strands than she expected, almost as if they’d somehow multiplied since she started.
   About halfway through her task, every strand she grabbed became impossibly entangled with every other strand. Every time she pulled a strand, the entanglement tightened. Within a few moments, she’d created an impossible knot.
   She took a deep breath and studied the knot, trying to find the solution. She found a pair of yellow strands that looked promising, but when she pulled them, the knot only tightened more. She began to wonder if this was a true Gordian knot and if the only solution was to somehow cut it apart. She had no idea how to cut a time strand, much less what would happen if she did.

Book 3 - Misaligned: The Darkest Day

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