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by D.B. Woodling


In this Young Adult anthology, Izzy Kennedy discovers she and Queen Isabella of Spain share much more than genetics; Scout Bell can’t decide which she fears most, a debilitating injury or homelessness; and Summer Persimmon Phinne is never quite sure who her mother will be. 


From Slices....


   “Congratulations, Dr. Schofield,” I said, savoring my smartass tone. “You did your job. I’m not grieving over my mother anymore.” I stomped toward the door and eagerly embraced the coolness of the doorknob.
   “Your mother, the person you trusted most in this world, lied to you, Izzy!” she shouted after me, “for sixteen years! That’s not something you can easily forget or sweep under the rug.”
   I knew by the sound of her voice that she had come closer, and I froze because I knew that she was right.
   “Anger, like grief, can manifest itself in equally dangerous forms,” she warned.
   I knew she was referring to the overdose and nearly bit a hole through my lip. How many times had I told them it was accidental and yet they refused to believe it?
   “If you don’t care about yourself, you have to think of others with whom you come in contact.”
   Spinning around, I lunged at her. “Oh my God, you actually think I might try to kill someone!”

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