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Poems From the Void
by Steven Staples


A collection of emotions and  thoughts written when the author was at his wit’s end. His internal struggle with a messy rollercoaster of emotions and energy,
as such is the nature of the
human condition.

From Soul Void Poetics...

Mother Nature

She’s hurt and she’s wounded; the raindrops, her tears. Experienced nothing, in all of her years; like what’s, now, happening in her worldly realm. Fear coating her pupils in thick, binding film…

She fears for her family, whom humans destroy. Each day, they grow weaker. But humans act coy, as if consequences apply not to them. Destroying their planet… Once crumbled, what then?

They ALL will be homeless; not only the poor.
They all will be wondering what else is in store.

For, when she is frightened of losing her loves,
She will stop at nothing to rescue her doves.

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