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by Stacy Reynolds

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The world economy has collapsed; thousands are left unemployed; and thousands more are left homeless. As Conner searches for a way to free her  girlfriend from a relocation camp, she stumbles across a plan to rid the city… and eventually the world of the sick, the poor and homosexuals.  Now she has to make a choice between the love of her life and hundreds if not thousands of lives.  

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From The Sound of Silence...

   Jen and I both knew I wouldn’t be able to stay at her place for long. Jennifer couldn’t risk it any more than she already had to protect us. Police officers, especially members of the SQUAD, were checked frequently to make sure their loyalties still lay with the appropriate people.
   I lay down on Jennifer’s dusty old couch with the broken spring in the middle, thinking I would go right to sleep. The image of Payton’s face haunted me. The trembling that caught up with me was so hard that it was like a mini earthquake going on inside me. A small sob escaped my throat. It wasn’t all right. Nothing was all right without Payton. Sure, both of us were still alive. And as long as we were alive, there was still hope. Hope was something we’d been in short supply of lately, along with just about everything else.
   I vowed I would find her. No matter what.

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