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by Robert Wayman

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Trapped on a failing Earth, Humanity's only hope may now lie among the warm and fertile worlds they call Star Gardens.

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From Star Gardens...

Maryanne awoke instantly, as she always did these days. It was like throwing a switch.

The murder had been a dream of course, if you could call a detailed replay of past events a dream. She could still feel the warmth of his heart and its strength as it beat in her hand so long ago. That was the trouble with a trick memory; Total Recall wouldn’t let you forget, no matter how much you wanted to.

But why the replay/dream, and why now? Perhaps it was the new arrival. He looked a lot like Frank Adams, older but with the same sense of honor and dedication. Honor. It was rare these days and set off an old trigger in her. She wouldn’t act on it of course, but it was interesting.

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