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Diary of a Quitter
by Shane Ward


 This self-help book is a personal journey of the author’s  experience of quitting cigarettes after smoking for 28 years. It will identify and guide you through the most common pitfalls of quitting as well as give weapons to beat the nicotine monster.

From Stop Smoking: Diary of a Quitter...

   I stood up to stretch my legs and wandered outside. It was then that a little voice in my head said, ‘You’re on holiday. You haven’t smoked for three months and one won’t hurt Go on, you deserve it.’ I remember feeling a bit bored and restless but certainly not craving for a cigarette. For the last twelve years I would usually have filled up that moment of nothingness with a cigarette. Perhaps it was only natural that my head filled in the blanks and like an idiot (I can now state in retrospect) I succumbed to the notion and bought a packet of ten.
   The transition from not smoking back to smoking was incredibly easy. The first puff spun my head so much I almost lost balance. The cigarette tasted ghastly but for some strange reason I wanted to smoke more, thinking the strangest of thoughts that, in order to appreciate the pleasure of smoking once again, I would get used to it. I took another puff and then another. It was only after I had finished that one cigarette that I considered seriously the consequences of what I had just done.

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