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by William Wilde

19 chilling stories that sink their teeth into you and don't let go...  A murderous vending machine...
A marathon race that never ends... Junk mail that kills...
A gigantic parking lot with no exit. These stories leave their marks long after you finish reading them.

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From Stories That Bite You...

   The chain link fence ran on unbroken. Joyce leaned forward against her shoulder belt. “You must be going the wrong way. We should have gotten to the gate by now.”
   Frey shook his head. “I was sure it was back this way. It has to be.”
   “You’re confused again, Walt. Now you’ve gone and got us lost on this stupid parking lot. Make a left turn here. Try the other way.”
   Frey turned doubtfully, speeding up as he tried the new row. “This way doesn’t look right either. I still don’t see the entrance.”
   At the end of the row, he turned right this time and followed the fence line once more. Just like before, it led them nowhere except past endless rows of more silent, filthy cars. They should have come to a fence corner sooner or later, a boundary to the lot itself, but they never did.
   Frey’s hands were clammy on the steering wheel. “It’s not my fault. I didn’t get us lost like this. It’s the lot that’s not right.”
Joyce’s bony body was rigid, her face jutting at the windshield. “What’s going on here? What’s wrong with this damned place? Why can’t we get out of here?”

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