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by Kevin Matthews



Women love a confident man.  This book will teach you how to turn on the charm without becoming a self-centered egomaniac so you can meet the kind of women you
to meet.

From How to Have Great Success With Women...

  The greatest lovers in the world all have one thing in common: they assume a certain attitude that attracts women to them. That attitude is one of self-confidence and knowing when and how to turn on the charm.
   Not all successful lovers are good looking or rich. These men believe in themselves and know they can overcome any physical handicap by adapting an attitude that says they like themselves. Not selfishly, because no one likes self-centered egomaniacs, but with true self-worth.
   This book will not only educate you in the ways of women, but you will learn more about yourself. By learning about yourself, you will be able to look inside and see yourself as you truly are, and then you can make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to better your chances of meeting attractive women.

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