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by E. Ervin Tibbs


Jude and his friends have traded status and affluence for a level of freedom given only to those who have nothing to lose. Despite the fact they are jobless, penniless and have only twenty-four hours, they commit themselves to granting the birthday wish of six-year-old boy desperately battling cancer.

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From Sunset Tomorrow...

   Oh God, if there be a God, take me instead. How many times had he cried those words?
   There had been a time when his life lay before him, a shining pathway that led to the stars and each step took him higher. He’d been joined in the journey by a gentle soul, her smile like sunlight after rain, her eyes as kind and ingenuous as a new-born fawn. Together they were stronger than each one alone, and their ascent swifter.
   His mind recoiled from the recollection, for not long after came the Gray Time, a time when life had no love, no music and no laughter. The Gray Time eventually slipped away, but somewhere in its passage, he’d stepped off the rising path to take a way that led down into a shadowy land of indifference. But there he found peace. No one took his measure and no one tried to cross the dark moat around his heart.

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