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by John Lincoln



TL James is a dork about many things, though none so completely as Minnie Dawkins. When he discovers Sun Tzu’s famous treatise, The Art of War, he  realizes that its precepts were written centuries ago specifically to help him win the war of Minnie’s heart. He and his ‘army’ of friends quest to do just that, as TL learns the high art of being a dork in love.

From Sun Tzu's The Art of Dork...

“I can win her!” I shouted in my fullest voice, only to realize that the argument in the line had stopped and that I was now the only one yelling. For many people, this would be embarrassing, but I’ve been to enough Halloween parties in my life to know what true embarrassment really is.

I brushed off the odd looks and snapped the book closed. I noticed that the price tag was a measly $3.99; a small price to pay to learn how to win the heart and soul of Minnie Dawkins.

It was one of the few times in my life that I can pinpoint when a new era began. It was reading that one line from the small book that started my obsession and engrossment in Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War.’

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