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Book 1

by Dana Davis

~ Available in Paperback ~

Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh lives  a perfectly average life in the Arizona desert, except for one thing. She’s a witch. When Daisy is attacked by a mystical, ghost- like figure, she must enlist the aid of those she trusts in her quest to find and eliminate this enemy before he destroys her. 

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From Desert Magick: Superstitions...

When she’d had enough exercise, she swam to the beach entry and rested. Movement caught her corner vision and she turned to the wash. A dark figure stood just the other side of the wrought iron slats, under the nearest palo verde tree, an unruly thing with as many thorns as leaves. Daisy couldn’t make out the distinct green bark in the waning light but that didn’t matter. She saw the man.

Her heart tap-danced against her ribs. “Hello?” she said, hoping he was just a neighbor who’d wandered off the marked trail. “Can I help you?”

The figure said nothing so she readied a trussing spell. When the figure didn’t move, Daisy scrambled out of the pool and shrugged her robe on over her shivering body. After she shoved damp feet into flip-flops and wrapped her wet hair in a towel, she took another glance around the wash. No one. The sky had already gone purple and her paranormal blood didn’t give her night vision.

Book 2 - Desert Magick: Dream Catcher

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