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by Frank D. Rogers


In the Land of Clouds there is peace… peace celebrated with a generational tribute to the dragon queen. Princess Jun has dedicated her life to continuing this peace. All is well… until she meets Yusain, a man who threatens to destroy the peace, as well as steal her heart.

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From Supreme Tiger, Princess Dragon...

   What was she? Surely she was no longer Jun Lee. Her heart was no longer innocent. She had become less of a princess and more of a warrior – with fire threatening to consume her soul.
   In her left hand, her fingers gripped her mother’s throat. Any other being’s head would have popped off from the pressure, but not her mother. She was powerful and a danger to all life on Octavia.
   She brought the wind blade close to her enemy’s neck. Defiant eyes stared back at her, the blood of her father crying out to her as she prepared to do the unthinkable. Her heart stopped when she sensed the presence of Yusain Raikish; his life force was warm and powerful. Would he stop her? Surely, he of all people understood that removing her mother’s head was the right thing to do…

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