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Oberon Series - Book 4
by P.G. Forte

 ~ Available in Paperback ~


For Lucy Greco Cavanaugh, life is a dream come true. She has it all. The perfect family. The  perfect husband. The perfect marriage. What more could she wish for? Other than the chance to do it all again. To experience once more the agony and ecstasy of falling in love with the man of her dreams. To recapture the joy and uncertainty that comes with starting over.

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From A Taste of Honey...

   She appeared to be about nineteen or twenty; just a few years his junior. And to look at her standing there, hands planted firmly on her very attractive hips, anyone would have supposed that she owned the place and he was the interloper. He suppressed a smile at her arrogance. What was he doing here? He could ask her the same question!
   “I said, what are you doing here?” she repeated impatiently. And he did smile then. Perhaps there had been a few changes made around here, after all.
   “Ohh, I was just taking a look around.” He shrugged, and took a good, long look at her too, while he was at it. Cute. He felt his smile widen in appreciation. Very cute. Very definitely cute. Even with annoyance flashing in the depths of her chocolate brown eyes, and the damp tendrils of dark hair that clung to her neck.

Book 5 - Touch of a Vanished Hand

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