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Books 1-3

by Dana Davis

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About The Teadai Prophecies...

Book 1: What do a mysterious woman, a tavern wench who counts to calm her fears, and several annoying adolescents have in common? They are destined for a magical and uncertain future together. Whether they want it or not.

Book 2: For millennia, Gypsies have harnessed the Energy, allowing them to perform incredible feats of magic. Most die if not properly trained, and those few who manage to survive without guidance tend to lose their sanity. Haranda Banwidden and her kin must locate the untrained, many who come from backgrounds with beliefs that demonize Gypsies, instruct them in the Energy and oath them into service.

Book 3: Meanwhile, a potentially deadly void has formed within the Energy and is expanding. Gypsy kin must stop the void before it destroys everything they hold dear, but not everyone wants them to succeed. Ready or not, the prophesied New Age is upon them, and they must overcome a growing list of enemies or disappear forever. 

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