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by Mark Broe

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Humanity is trapped on a large  island. Telep is a thriving young rock climber in an isolated mountain society on one side of the island. After a tragic climbing accident, he discovers that the world is much larger than he’d been told.

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From Temple of Conquest...

Telep had two hands. One gripped the jagged stone and pulled him higher on the rockface while the other held a wooden cup filled with tea. He held it steady near his chest as he climbed, the steam licking the side of his face. A brown leather satchel hung from his shoulder and swung back and forth as he ascended. It was not a difficult or long climb, though doing it with one arm did increase the challenge. He had climbed it many times, always trying to find a new path to the top, but this time he chose the easiest steps and holds as balancing the beverage surpassed any natural desire to test himself. Even holding the tea, he moved up the rockface with a swift grace that he had been honing for as long as he could remember. Telep was a climber.

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