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A Trilogy of Terror

by bf oswald

 ~ Available in Paperback ~


Three tales of six ill-starred lovers who pay for their passion with their lives in bizarre ways. One couple converses with the ghosts of the long dead and later haunts a Wal-Mart; one couple defies an old convention and drowns in a flood that never was; and one couple is  overwhelmed by centuries-old dark forces who provide them with a night of terror they will not live to remember.


From Terribly Twisted Tales...

Hugh was a drummer, a traveling salesman for a maker of tools of all sorts. He made a good living because he was outgoing, and a gifted and persuasive speaker. He was also handsome of face and form.

Mary was not so much attracted by his appearance and his glib tongue as she was by his money, and his proposal of marriage offered her the possibility of an escape from the monotonous drudgery of life on the farm. Also she wanted away from Vernon, her stepbrother, and Dennis Bursley, her stepfather, who plagued her with their incessant demands for access to her nubile body.

Precocious in her development – ample breasts and a woman’s hips by age fifteen, honey-blond hair soft to the touch that brushed her back just above her waist, lustrous blue eyes, pouty provocative lips, shapely legs supporting the rest of her five feet five inch body – it was no wonder that her male step-kin could not keep their hands off of her.

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