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Hawkman - Book 13
by Betty Sullivan La Pierre

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Hawkman finds himself involved  in the case of the young farm girl, which sends him into the world of archery.

From The Archer...

   He trotted back up the stairs and fortunately, being tall, grabbed hold of what looked like the feathered end of an arrow. It took him several minutes to work it out, and once he twisted it free, he took it inside under the light. After examining the shaft, he came to the conclusion it was made from aluminum or carbon/graphite, and must have come from a compound bow.
   “Why would anyone be shooting one of those powerful things in town?” he grumbled, turning it over in his hand.
   He placed the arrow on the desk, then picked up the mail which had been slid into the door slot. His finger caught on a tattered sheet of cardboard at the bottom of the pile. He pulled it out by the corner and a large hole was ripped in the middle, but written in bold black letters, circling the hole, were the words, ‘STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL’.

Book 14 - Moonshine Murder

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