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A Love Story
by Harvey Mendez and John Edward Young


No one would expect Cassandra Crowley’s horrific car accident on a stormy Halloween night to happen in front of St. Anthony’s churchyard. Nor would they expect it to result in a   love triangle.

From The Churchyard...

  Scattered throughout the churchyard, most of the weathered headstones were unreadable. The coastal Massachusetts town had been founded in 1678, and some smoother headstones existed almost that far back.
   Private, dark, and deadly quiet, mere appearance alone kept most of the town’s residents away after dark. The kids from The Crags all knew the best place to party was in the churchyard at Saint Anthony’s, but it was also good for other things.
   The previous caretaker, rough and crusty Old Man Brunson, always raised hell if anyone had dared to soil his domain, but he’d died two years ago, and for almost that long no one had filled the post.
   No one bothered the kids there at night now, especially on a wet and windy Halloween.

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