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by bf oswald



A footpath on the edge of a park in a small Arizona town is the setting for the beginning of a love affair and the  terrifying ordeal that almost destroys it. 

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From The Footpath...

   Bridget forced the issue into the open before I had formulated a plan of action.
   I’d just cleaned up after a late supper and settled into my recliner to watch The Deadliest Catch when I heard a knock at my front door. I opened the door to Bridget and gaped; I was stunned by her appearance. She was made up for a special occasion. I had never known her to wear much makeup, but tonight she was, a lot of it, and it accented the beauty of her face in a clearly provocative way. She handed me a bottle of wine, then slipped out of her ankle length coat. I couldn’t help notice that she was wearing a skintight black sheath, and no underwear; and her matching high-heeled pumps brought her up to my height.
   “I’m not disturbing you, am I?”
   Frankly yes, in more than one-way. “What can I do for you?” I said none to gently.

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