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by Joe Freitus

Shot down during World War Two, Captain Brick Mosconi  survived by parachuting into the barren countryside of Tuscany, Italy. Hidden from the Germans by locals, he meets and falls in love with a Contessa. But can he make it home to salvage the battlefield scrap… and one day return to his beloved?

From The Junkman...

   On this day it was his bad luck to run into a truck equipped with an anti-aircraft weapon. The shooter, with a good eye for a target, him, was good enough to destroy both engines of his P-38 fighter on the first pass.
   “Helluv-a-way to start the day,” Brick grumbled and quickly glanced at the plane to assess the damage.
   The plane was badly shot up. One engine in flames died, and nursing the other, he tried in vain to make the Ligurian Sea. If Lady Luck smiled on him perhaps he could reach the German-held Island of Elba, Napoleon’s onetime home, but it was not to be. When the second engine died, he knew the plane was dead weight and would refuse to fly.
   While his fingers went through the motions of shutting down the aircraft, he worked to capture glimpses of the countryside. A dead stick landing on one of the roadways was out of the question, unless he wanted to be captured and finish the war in a POW camp.

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