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by Lee Bumbicka

~ Available in Paperback ~ 

Young stowaway Damian Grimes survives falling overboard to find the legendary Library
of Alexandria on a  remote island that is shrouded in mystery. It is a wondrous place that holds the collective knowledge of the ages. But his pursuit of its hidden secrets exposes him
to unimaginable dangers.

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From The Other Horizon...

He unfurled one of the scrolls and looked at the writing, which he assumed was Greek. Also inside the container was a small sack, made from skin. Inside the sack were a series of colored, jewel-like pieces. Each was approximately two inches in diameter, measuring a quarter-inch in thickness. Grimes marveled at their appearance and wondered whether they were precious stones, but there was something peculiar about them, which he could not quite put into words. He held each up to the light of his torch and the flame danced with an almost hypnotic effect.

“Place the blue stone on your right temple,” the figure said in answer to his unspoken question.

As it touched the front of his head, Grimes’ mind was instantly consumed by sights and sounds hereto unknown to him. It was as though a voice invaded his mind and imparted an astounding amount of knowledge. In what seemed to be but a few minutes, he was reading the Greek language fluently, as if it was his mother tongue.

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