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by bf oswald

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Two romances, some infidelity with a twist, a tragedy with a happy ending, several murders, a suicide, a  hurricane, a struggle to save an endangered species; human nature at its best and its worse - it's all here in THE RENTAL.

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From The Rental...

   It is not a large mobile, one bedroom, one bathroom, a small living room and a slightly larger kitchen-dining room. A small front porch and a tiny screened-in back porch complete its footprint. It has aged more or less gracefully, kept viable by both structural and cosmetic repairs that have happened piecemeal over the years, although I’ve never seen anyone doing much more around the property than planting a few flowers in the front yard now and then. I have never seen a FOR RENT sign anywhere on the property when it is vacant, which it doesn’t seem to remain for very long, so I have no idea how prospective occupants become aware of it availability.
   Like all homes that seem to become living entities when inhabited, I imagine this one has some interesting stories to tell about those who have sheltered under its roof. Since I have never taken the time to quiz any of the newcomers, I have no idea what those stories might be; therefore I have created my own. Sunset Lake Estates and the little mobile with its serial occupancy serve as the templates for The Rental.

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