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Democracy, Divinity and Drama
by Bruce A. Burton

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A study of Gender Balance and the Natural Law origins of Democracy, including the origins of language,  writing, and the alphabet, Abraham's Bronze Age influence on the meaning of Divinity and the The Bible, the evolution of Dionysus, the naming of Greek Tragic Drama, and Neolithic influences on Homer, which underlay the rebirth of Democracy in Greece.

From The Three D's...


When we account for the thousands of years of written and institutional woman-hating right up to Democracy’s current struggle with religious despotisms, it is historically evident that where the genders shared equally, such as in the production of food, as in Neolithic societies in the Near East and America-where women domesticated and cultivated and men watered crops- Democracies flourished and Universal Peace prevailed. THE 3 DS was written, therefore, in response to the historical and to today’s continuing religious violence against women, and as an answer to Aristotle’s Iron Age negative view of women which continues to influence so many of our University and College graduates in religion, literature, drama, and philosophy today – and as a statement of confidence that Democracy based on Gender Balance will prevail against the current challenge of international terrorism in the name of religion and pave the way, for what can only be after these many thousands of years, a more humane future for the Human Family.

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