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A Collection of Verse and Worse

by Thomas Cleveland Lane

 ~ Available in Paperback ~

TOO MANY RHYMES, NOT ENOUGH BRAINS is a collection of verse geared toward school-age children, but suitable for older readers with a lively imagination. Most of the book consists of whimsical poems, but there is a second section for fables in verse. At the end of the book, there is an extra treat.

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From Too Many Rhymes, Not Enough Brains...

Card Scents

Pick a card, any
card, it ain’t all that hard, said the
greeting card sharper with
the prestidigit fidgets. Don’t show
me the one you
selected or all of the many you somehow
neglected. To distract your
attention and other such items too
shameful to mention, i’ll show you a limerick,
using only my mouth or, rather, a limerick
sampler: not much sense,
but the variety’s ampler. There
once was a man from peru
whose poetry never would scan. said
he with a grin as he wiped off
his chin, it’s just
when ah itches, ah scratches. Was it the
ace of clubs? i thought not, taa

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