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by Joe Freitus

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When the Confederates devise a plan to capture a train-load of repeating rifles from the Union army located in Baltimore, Maryland, Captain John Guthrie is commissioned to lead a small band of railroaders north into Maryland to seize the train and drive it to Virginia, all the while struggling to remain one step ahead of his pursuers.

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From The Train Thieves...

Yates leaned forward in his chair. “The Yankees are shipping 500 Spenser repeating rifles and another 500 Henry 44s, along with a plentiful supply of ammunition. The ultimate destination is Union General W. H. French and his 3rd Corps, who are holding the line at Warrenton Junction, just south of Alexandria. French is not the problem; it is the use of these repeaters.

“The Union Army can use less soldiers with the repeaters and therefore send badly needed men to reinforce McClellan at Yorktown. When word reached Richmond, it was decided to take that train and bring those repeaters here. As you can well see, someone had to be selected to steal that train, and that person is…”

“John Henry Guthrie,” Major Mattingly chimed in.

Guthrie leaned forward in the chair and glared at the Colonel. “You know this is a suicide mission.”

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