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Exploring the History and Culture of Northern Spain
The El Camino Experience
[2nd Edition]
by William J. Bonville



The perfect travel companion  that adds historical and cultural meat to the bones of the hiker’s El Camino experience for those who yearn to  course El Camino de Santiago without handling the rigors of walking the 800 kilometer Way. 

About A Traveler's Highway to Heaven...

   For a thousand years, the principal reason outsiders ventured into Northern Spain was to obtain the spiritual benefits of a sacred pilgrimage. They came from all corners of Christendom. Their destination was the sepulcher of an Apostle of Jesus, known in New Testament history as James the Greater. In Faith, they trod what they believed to be a sure route to Heaven, the Way of St. James. That was the promise of the pilgrimage. It remains so today for legions of hikers who walk that Way—the Way known as El Camino de Santiago.
   "A Traveler’s Highway to Heaven" adds historical and cultural meat to the bones of the hiker’s happily convivial El Camino experience. Of even more import, the book enables that experience for the traveler who yearns to course El Camino de Santiago but—whether from age or infirmities, or perhaps with children in tow—is physically incapable of handling the rigors of walking the eight hundred kilometers of the Way. For others, it turns a touristy lark between the running of the bulls in Pamplona, and encountering St. James at Master Mateo’s Portico de la Gloria, into a sharing of the “after El Camino experience” that the hiker cum pilgrim generally claims all for himself.

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