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Exploring the History and Culture of the Two Sicilies
by William Bonville


Travel at its best meets culture and its history first-hand at street level on  shoe leather. These Sicilian walks meet that criterion.

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From A Traveler's Two Sicilies...

   Given the selected setting, travel at its best meets culture and its history first hand at street level, on shoeleather. These Sicilian walks meet that criterion. Take this book in hand. Use it to enjoy a unique travel experience. Let it guide you through a region that for millennia lent primary impulses to world history while sorting out a destiny of its own. The Two Sicilies always seemed near to, and often precisely on, the cutting edge of culture in the throes of invention. That made for "interesting times" for Sicilians, ponderous tomes for egghead historians, and fascinating travel for us. ...
   In this guide to that extraordinary land, do not expect a compendium of listings and pointings typical of most guidebooks. This is a book of do-it-yourself tours presented in narrative form. The narratives describe, step by step, walks and motoring excursions along selected routes through a sequence of cities and nearby points of interest. Each tour is an encounter with culture and history met as an experience of places and things.

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