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by Debra Laino

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"Trolley Square" is a satirical, contemporary, sexy series aimed at capturing the plight of the modern women in her quest for love. Eve Lamonte is caught on an emotional rollercoaster and may soon find out that love is sometimes a one-sided emotion.

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From Trolley Square...

At first, it was a little weird sitting in a coffee shop, sober, talking about sex with somewhat of a total stranger. It seemed everyone was eves dropping to see what we were talking about. The faint sound of what did she just say and the slight tilt of a head so an ear could be a little closer was evident. Of course they were all trying to be inconspicuous because they didn’t want us or anyone else to know how interested they were in sex. These days you can’t be interested in sex unless sex is on the front of a magazine like Maxim or FHM. Seemingly it is only women on the front of popular magazines. Does sex only involve women? Once in a while there may be a famous male looking into the camera like he wants to eat you, but it’s hardly even. The media plays females like they are always willing and able to have sex, like they want you, like they have all power…rightfully so. I often wonder if what they say about women is true…are we the more sexual creatures? We can all be portrayed anyway that will sell money yet, if you are a male and talk about sex in the open, you’re considered a pervert, a disgusting swine. If you are a woman you are easy.

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