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by Nancy S. Mure



Although they look alike, Abby and Gabby are very different in personality and in the way each feels about being a twin. Abby doesn’t like the attention being a twin brings. She decides to teach her family a lesson but instead discovers how fortunate she really is.

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From Unidentical Twins...

   “Momm!” Abby and Gabby yelled in unison as they tugged on a lavender blouse.
   “Do I have to wear this?” Abby asked, referring to the blouse. “I don’t want to wear what she’s got on.” She crinkled her nose at Gabby. “Can’t we dress differently today?”

   “You will be dressed differently,” said Mom. “You’ll wear a red shirt and Gabby will wear the blue one like it. Twins are so cute dressed alike.” Her mother smiled. “The only way I tell the two of you apart is by the colors of your clothes. You don’t want to confuse me or your father… or your teachers!”
   Abby wanted to scream I don’t care!!
   Rather, she made a decision. “I will wear the lavender blouse. And that’s that!”

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