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by Joanne Amorosi

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Much of what is known about history is found in letters that were saved. Unsent Letters is a compilation of letters that may have been written, but were never sent. They help to clarify the mystique surrounding some of history’s most interesting and misunderstood heroes, heroines, villains and villainesses.

From Unsent Letters...

Most of what we know about history comes from archeology, oral traditions, or the letters and papers that people saved and left behind. But, what if there were things written down and letters compiled, that were never sent? Somehow they got lost, forgotten, destroyed, or hidden. What if those letters contained information and answers about some really interesting and fascinating individuals that died before we had an opportunity to find out some critical details about their lives? Unsent Letters from the Famous and Infamous is a collection of 40 letters that could have been sent from some of history’s most misunderstood heroes and heroines, and villains and villainesses. Their remembered and channeled unsent letters reveal that regardless of when you live, where you come from, what race you belong to, or what religion you practice, it is always important to follow your heart, speak your truth, and never give up.

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