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by Mary Lukes Stamoulis



 LIBERATED IN THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS peers inside the desperate life of one female  victim trapped in the medieval world of the Islamic wife.  Samia rises from the hot sands of Themes to be swept up into one of the most colossal historical events of the twentieth century.

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From Liberated in the Valley of the Kings...

   On the morning of November fourth, when the last rubble-covered corner under Ramsess' VI’s tomb had been cleared down to rock, Carter noticed what looked like the beginning of a step hewn in stone. “This has to lead somewhere,” he told Spiro, offering a ray of hope to both of them and all the workers seeing them elated were encouraged too.
   Spiro ran to tell Samia.
   “I hope with all my heart it might be so, to make all the struggle and hard work worthwhile,” she said.
   “A step going down usually leads to more steps,” Spiro said with hope discernable in his voice for the first time.
   The pace of the digging picked up and more steps were uncovered. The last one led to a screen of stones, plastered over and bearing the seals of the royal necropolis.

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