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by bf oswald

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The story of Vnnie Esposito’s quest to understand the mysteries of sex, told by a most unlikely voice – his bed.  The tales are sometimes humorous and sometimes poignant, but always entertaining. They begin in his adolescence and end in middle age, taking Vinnie to unusual places and providing him with many unique experiences along the way. 
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From Vinni's Bed...

  Suddenly he remembered that his bed was on the other side of that wall.
  An idea grabbed his attention and he quickly left their bedroom to retrieve his mother's ice pick. When he returned to the twins’ bedroom, he selected a flower with a bright center about the mid point of the wall and at his eye level. He carefully inserted the pick into the flower's center and pushed. With some effort he forced it through the wallpaper and the plasterboard behind it. Once through, it slid easily across empty space and into the plasterboard on his side of the wall where it met some resistance before penetrating that also.
  Vinni pulled out the pick, squinted into the hole and saw a small circle of light. He hurried back to his room to look through the hole from his side. He couldn’t see much. He worked the ice pick around in a circle until his peephole was large enough to insert his little finger and then repeated the action on the other side of the wall; the hole was barely noticeable in the plethora of large flowers and vines. He returned to his room and looked through the wall again and giggled joyfully as he saw most of the twins’ room clearly reflected in their mirror. He hung a picture of a WW II fighter plane over his peephole, very pleased with his ingenuity.

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