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Welcome to the
5th Dimension!

Your Guide to the Incoming Loving Spiritual Energy
2nd Edition
by Sierra Roberts


As change accelerates on Earth, it is reassuring to learn about the new peaceful, loving energies that are all around us. Sierra has channeled the messages from highly evolved spiritual teachers whose mission it is to help humanity embrace the incoming fifth dimension. She has added her own unique mix of practical tips and humour that will leave you full of hope for yourself, humanity and the fate of planet Earth.


From Welcome to the Fifth Dimension...

   Jesus says, ‘You are with me here in the fifth dimension...but you know you are also in the third dimension too, because you can feel your office, you know your daughter is moving around in the house... but at the same time you are still with me, here in this space.’
   He says, ‘How can that be?’ It is a rhetorical question – he knows I know the answer – we are having a joke about it. He says, ‘The energy doesn’t get split up. It’s all in the one place, all the time. It’s always all in the one place. It’s just when you are in the third dimension, because you have to focus on being there you don’t sense the other dimensions and other spaces. But they are there the whole time.
   And if you get so relaxed that you are open to the other energies, then you are there! It’s really easy. It’s not hard at all. It’s all at once...’

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