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What's Stopping You?
A Roadmap to Following Your Dream
by Cynthia MacGregor


If you haven’t yet gotten to where you want to be in life, what’s stopping  you? If you haven’t achieved the success you want and deserve, this inspirational/ motivational book will be your road map to getting ahead
in the world.

From What's Stopping You?...

Are you truly happy with what you wound up doing in life? Or do you sometimes reach back into your secret stash of dreams and revisit them wistfully, remembering the days when you still believed you’d get to be a doctor, a lawyer, the owner of a big business or a small but profitable store that specialized in selling something you truly cared about, a teacher of disabled students, the mayor of your city, a charter pilot who owns his or her own plane, or an undersea explorer?

Why didn’t your dreams come true for you? And if they didn’t come true then, why not make them come true now?

It’s never too late.

What’s stopping you?!

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