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by Wayne Salmi


The thought of flying consumed young Scott, propelling him from a timid youngster to the man he eventually became. Now as he looks back on the life he has led… fulfilling his dreams
of being an airline pilot instead of choosing a more stable life with children… he is left with one of life’s most basic yet complex question –
What if?

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From When I Thought I was Good...

He wondered how much time he had to accomplish this future and when his time would end. He concluded with some certainty that he would never reach the year 2000, believing that that mystical year was such a long way away – he would be by God sixty by then… very old. Then a last thunder-clap sounded very close, ending his sojourn on the roof.

It was a sobering evening for a boy looking for hope as he climbed down the now slippery wet shingles. The slow-moving storm’s edge had finally arrived. Scott’s rooftop stay seemed to have made some impact on him, because it wasn’t long after that he decided to join the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary unit of the US Air force. This was something he had thought about often, as it was his way of becoming a pilot. Scott must have made a good argument for joining because his close cousin, Loretta also joined.

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