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by Eric Leeds and Jeanne Evans


A terrifying account of what happens to a young couple after they move to a small town in Vermont. The brother finds out that the property has been possessed by the demon of envy. But the devil is more than one man can handle… Based on a true story.

From Where Lilies Bloom...

   Just before the hood was slipped over his head, he looked out at the few who had gathered there to watch him die. There in the small group, he saw Wesley Blake. Edward couldn’t miss Wes’ bright blue eyes. Even in the dense fog, Blake’s eyes stood out…crystal blue.
   Edward remembered back to when he and Lucy first met Wesley. It was on the ship when they were all coming to America from Ireland. He remembered thinking what a fine fellow Wes was and funny.
   The hood was placed over Edward’s head and then the noose around his neck. Edward’s thoughts drifted back in time. He could see the horror in his mind’s eye and hear the awful sounds. He remembered the pungent animal smells of blood and pheromones in the air… and then the trapdoor was opened and all went black.

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