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by William Norris



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From Willful Misconduct...

   I had the distinct impression that he had no idea where the stuff was kept, but luckily my total ignorance of its file numbers, which by regulation had to be written down before the request could be granted, saved him from having to admit the fact. Still, he was very nice about it.  
   The response was discouraging, but I had all day. Having traveled a long way and spent a lot of money to stand in that office, I was disinclined to give up without a struggle. I stayed on one side of the high wire grille. Mr. Torbin stayed on the other, and for an hour or two we swapped polite suggestions and refusals while the more orthodox business of the records office went on about us.
   At length, he seemed intrigued by my persistence. It was becoming plain that I had no intention of going away and leaving him in peace.

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