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by Joe Freitus


Marie Decaux volunteers as a spy for the British Secret Intelligence. She  lands in Normandy six months before the Normandy Invasion to locate a mysterious German radar site and survives to become a witness to the invasion by British troops at Sword Beach… but not before she’s captured by the Gestapo…


From Winged Coronet...

   As the spy began pedaling the bicycle along the middle of the roadway, rain began to pelt harder upon him, driving fine pellets of hail against his face. It was difficult to see and keep the wheels from sluicing one way or the other on the wet, soft, slimy limestone road.
   Perhaps three kilometers had been managed, with extreme difficulty, when a dark, shadowy figure suddenly loomed out of the rainy void, startling the rider. A momentary shift of focus caused the bicycle to unexpectedly spin sideways and slide along the edge of the road. It hit a large clump of grass and flipped over, throwing the rider head first into the water-filled ditch, driving the body hard against the foot of the mysterious object. Stunned, with blood running into eyes and face, strange noises raged throughout his head.
   The spy attempted to return to the road. Leaning on hands and knees, stunned, the figure swayed sideways and struggled to stand. Unstable, the spy leaned over to pick up the bicycle but realized it was a losing battle. Overwhelmed by the rush of darkness, the spy collapsed face down into the rapidly filling ditch of cold, icy water.

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