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by Trish Dozier

~ Available in Paperback ~ 

WOMEN is filled with satire and objectification of every interesting category that men encounter in the realm of chasing, finding, loving, speculating about, despising and being with a woman.

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From Women...

Ahhh, Women. Such a complicated collection of chromosomes.

A metaphorical mess.

A ‘breed unto itself.’

These days, we are so terrified to write or even read books about Women, at least from the sense that they will be sliced open and shoved under an uncomfortable microscope. Men can be torn apart so easily, but we fiercely protect the ill-termed underdog from a larger societal standpoint because of the aftershocks of feminism. It’s wickedly hypocritical.

We Women have created quite a hallmark for ourselves with respect to categorical nightmares. It far surpasses such clichéd references like the “dumb blonde.” This is grown-up land and it isn’t always about the man being the reason for everything going awry in our lives.

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